Management Team

1 Facility upgrading to save energy

According to the production, change existing facility or improve them to realize the purpose of energy saving and consumption reducing with minimum investment accordingly.

2 Environment protection management

Maintain the dust collection equipment to make sure the dust emission is under the national standard.

Maintain the nitrogen oxide emission and Ammonia discharge of kiln system to ensure the emission concentration is under the national standard.

3 Decrease the production consumption

a adapt the technical process to improve the energy’s comprehensive utilization;

b scientific maintenance and management to reduce the energy facility loss;

c adjust power consumption time;

d unreasonable energy equipment is forbidden.

4 Improve the output index

According to the research of different production line, assessment of different technical status and operation conditions, make sure the difficulty of each production line and solve it accordingly, with the purpose of optimize it and improve the output index.

5 overall production operation mode optimization (product cost contract)

Through research of raw materials, equipment status and operation, optimizing production cost can be confirmed and formulated as contracting, which will obtain direct evaluation and settlement basis.

Core members of management and maintenance team


Jianguo Feng, 48, master degree, engineer, 22 years’ experience in cement industry, mainly takes in charge of equipment management, production maintenance and company management 15 years and has won remarkable achievements.

Technical Director

Xuefeng Ma, 38, bachelor degree, has been working in cement factory for 16 years, with rich experience in safe production management, operation management and oversea maintenance, used to take part in adjustment in three raw materials system, one kiln system and two cement system. 

Process Engineer

Tongling Ma, 46, bachelor degree, engineer, 21 years’ experience in cement plant, is good at DCS operation, grinding system operation, technical reform management, environmental design and debugging and system diagnose.

Mechanical Engineer

Zhan Yang, 46, engineer, has been working in cement factory in equipment management for 25 years, taking in charge of most of the mechanical equipment’s installation, inspection and adjustment of 5000t/d, as well as scheme formulation and implement of overhaul.

Electric Engineer

Keqin Xu, 61, engineer, has been working in cement factory for 35 years, with 9 5000t/d production line’s experience of preparation, plant model selection, application and adjustment, operation and maintenance and technical reform.

Equipment Engineer

Lixu Guo, 36, engineer, 12 years’ experience, is familiar with equipment installation and adjustment, lubrication system and hydraulic system and so on.

Equipment Engineer

Jianwei Liu, 33, 14 years’ experience and 8 years process management, successfully organized cement plant overhaul for many times.