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Technical Service

1.1 Online and offline vibration monitoring

On one hand, vibration monitoring proposed in the worldwide range over 50 years ago. However, due to lack of testing techniques and lack of knowledge about fault features of vibration monitoring at that time, Vibration monitoring has not made much progress with before 1970s. On the other hand, vibration monitoring attracted people’s attention in China over 30 years ago. After many years’ practices of field fault diagnosis, it has become a mature system in vibration fault features of unit, fault generation and the mechanism of vibration.

The vibration monitoring system, which developed by our company, can realize spot inspection management, lubricating management, spare parts management, maintenance management, work order management and statistical analysis. Because of all these functions, the system can further realize key device pre-alarm, operation analysis, fault analysis. What is more, all results can be analyzed statistically in order to help factory realize scientific and reasonable inspection and maintenance, and make reasonable spare parts demand plan.

1.2 Weld flaw detection of large casting and forging

Flaw detection can be used for finished goods inspection; it can ensure that there will be no harmful defects on the surface of work piece after going through various machining processes (such as welding, metal heat treatment and grinding). Furthermore, the detection can be used to prevent catastrophic accidents from happening in the continuing use of equipment.

Tianjin Fiars Intelligent Technology co., LTD., which has both professional testing technical engineers and sophisticated testing and analysis equipment, can provide you with testing and analysis services in the field of metal materials.

1.3 Process system calibration

Process system calibration has direct guiding significance on optimization of whole system of cement kiln and on reduction of coal consumption. Our company has experienced and professional process calibration personnel and related devices. By doing measurement, calculation of thermal balance of wind, coal and material, material balance, production, material consumption, coal consumption and major parameters of each equipment, our company can provide specific rectification opinions and energy-saving and cost-reducing measures based on comprehensive evaluation.

Renovation Project

2.1 Raw and supplementary material delivery and yard spray and aspirating

In the production process, dust pollution usually caused during pilling, transferring and loading of material. Especially, when the weather is dry and windy, the dust pollution will not only pollute the environment of factory but also do a lot of harm to employees’ health. Usually, the dust points are numerous and widely distributed. Besides, the type, granularity, temperature, humidity and causes of dust do vary, which makes dust pollution hard to govern.

High-pressure air spray, which is researched and developed by our company, has relatively high kinetic energy, and is easy to form a penetrating stability fog layer. This product overcomes the shortcoming of insufficient secondary dust that usually formed during spraying directly on the space in the large open unorganized emissions. What is more, this product contains special deducting nozzle, which designed based on the characteristics of dust, can spray even and match the granularity of dust. Therefore, the product is suitable for using in open unorganized emissions with large dust collection space.

2.2 Cracking treatment of mining engineering machinery equipment

In general, one excavator takes 4-5 buckets in every 8 years. Especially in stone construction environment, buckets wear faster. Therefore, buckets of excavator belong to consumable parts. When buckets worn to a certain extent, excavator master should reinforce the buckets in time in order to improve buckets’ service life. However, it does more harm than good when buckets reinforced blindly. In order to meet the high requirement of bucket welding, our company provide great service with scientific reinforcement method based on bucket cracking situation.

2.3 Cleaning of cement storage

After a period time of using of raw material storage and cement storage in cement plant, the material might be compacted and bound,which will lead to obstructed blanking. What is the worst; the obstructed blanking could affect regular production, and then, affect enterprise’s economic benefits directly.

The new generation of cleaning equipment, developed by our company has great ability to adapt. It can not only clean powder material but also clean material attachment and agglomerate with certain intensity. Our company is dedicated to developing top tier cleaning technology and team in China and providing secure, effective cleaning service.

2.4 Adjustment of rotary kiln roller

In order to ensure long-term safe function of rotary kiln roller, the primary task in the operation process is to maintain cylinder “straight and round” and stability of axial movement. Therefore, one of the most important works is to adjust roller correctly.

Adjusting roller is a meticulous and complicated work, especially adjusting roller when it is functioning. If the adjustment of roller is inappropriate, it might cause unnecessary device accident which may cause halt production. Our company employs experts with tons of experiences in adjusting roller. They can judge directions and amount of adjustment of each roller immediately to ensure devices are functioning in order to ensure regular function of rotary kiln. Therefore, our customers can benefit our products and services by reducing operation costs

2.5 renovation of grate cooler

Renovation of grate cooler is a cooperative development project of our company. The product has excellent performance and stable operation. Our company has certain experience in organizing renovation construction of grate cooler and in completing construction rapidly and safely with high quality, which can shorten construction period. Especially, in Xichuan project, our company not only completed construction smoothly but also created the record of grate cooler renovation in the industry through careful organization and reasonable arrangement.