Technical Services Team

1 Production system calibration

Production system calibration has direct significance in optimizing the cement kiln and consumption reduction. Through calibration and thermal equilibrium, material balance, production, material consumption to wind, coal and clinker, as well as calculation to main equipment parameter, specific opinions and measures can be brought forward.

2 Specific technical service:

Through analogue simulation and flow dynamic technic, an enforceable and economic modification scheme can be provided to optimize operating parameter to improve effectiveness.

3 Vibration monitoring system:

Vibration monitoring system can reach the purpose of COMOS inspection management, lubrication management, spare parts management and work order management so as to realize key equipment pre-alarm, operation analysis, fault analysis and as well as the result, which can help the plant achieve the goal of scientific COMOS inspection and formulate proper spare parts’ plan.

Core members of technical service 


Hailong Zhang, 49, major of silicate engineering, has been working in cement industry for 20 over 20 years, with abundant experience in cement plant production operation and maintenance.

mechanical engineer

Zhan Yang, 46, engineer, has been working in cement factory in equipment management for 25 years, taking in charge of most of the mechanical equipment’s installation, inspection and adjustment of 5000t/d, as well as scheme formulation and implement of overhaul.

vibration monitoring engineer

Dejian Zhang, 25, engineer, with 3 years’ experience of vibration monitoring, is skilled in using kinds of inspection instruments and familiar with the standards of flaw detection and structural fabrication.

Oil monitoring engineer

Liansheng Wang, 30, engineer, has 11 years’ experience of equipment lubrication management, oil monitoring online and offline.

Mining management engineer

Hongwei Jiang, 32, mining engineer, working in cement mines for over 10 years, mainly takes in charge of mine production management, operation, equipment management and cost control.