Project Transformation Team

Reform Program

1 Process System Reform

Through formulate specific scheme and organize installation teams to implement, adjust and train, the operation system can be optimized and improved and energy reduced.

2 Equipment upgrades Reform

Test the original equipment to find problems, and then formulate plan accordingly and organize installation to reach the purpose of upgrading the equipment and improve the efficiency, such as roller press, vertical mill, and ball mill’s efficiency improvement, cyclone, vertical mill classifier’s efficiency improvement, grate cooler’s upgrading etc.

3 Smoke Emission of Denitration and Desulfuration Reform

For denitration, “staged combusting+SNCR+LNB” way is used to reduce NOX of smoke, which can satisfy emission cap of cement industry. For desulfuration, since the cement raw material contains 70% CaCO3 and the smoke contains a little CaO, a kind of desulfuration catalyst is added in the certain positon of the preheater of the kiln end, which can make the concentration of SO2 decreased to 5~10 mg/Nm3.

4 Dust Control Reform (fugitive emission)

According to fugitive dust emission, dry fog dust suppression is used. Through spraying droplets of atomized water, most of the dust is wrapped in the spray water, becomes large particles and then drops.

Core Members of Program Reform

Chief Designer

Ping Wen, 48, bachelor degree, high senior engineer, with 23 years’ experience in cement industry, has taken part in nearly 40 cement programs domestic and abroad, including one 2500t/d production line, three 3200t/d production lines, fifty 5000t/d production lines, four 7200t/d production lines etc, and has developed different burning system for different use.

Process Engineer

Tongling Ma, 46, bachelor degree, engineer, 21 years’ experience in cement plant, is good at DCS operation, grinding system operation, technical reform management, environmental design and debugging and system diagnose.

Mechanical Engineer

Xiangnan Meng, 31, bachelor degree, engineer, has 5 years’ experience of designing and reforming in industrial precipitator and VOC. 

Electric Engineer

Keqin Xu, 61, engineer, has been working in cement factory for 35 years, with 9 5000t/d production line’s experience of preparation, plant model selection, application and adjustment, operation and maintenance and technical reform.

Cost Engineer

Jianxing Chen, 40, bachelor degree, with 17 years’ experience in cement factory, takes in charge of cost management, construction estimate, budget, settlement, target cost control, project management, technical drawings review and so on.